Friday, November 29, 2013

Time Flies

Dang! It's already the end of November? I have to apologize to all of you. I have been a bad blogger, a really bad one. I knew that this semester was going to be tough but I didn't realize how time consuming it was going to be. Then out of the blue, my father past away on September 12. OMG!  Anyone who has lost a parent knows how the wind gets sucked out of you. It's been tough - some days a lot more than others. Thankfully I have some wonderful friends that I have been able to lean on and have met even more in the last several weeks. I finally actually have some energy and motivation and inspiration to craft again! Now it is a matter of getting the blog updated and keeping it updated!

As I was going through my camera, I discovered a bunch of pictures of things I made but never posted. I will be sharing some of these over the next several weeks. 

This was a simple 8x8 layout. I punched out 5 oval per pumpkin. I distressed each oval before putting them together. One of the pumpkins had the paper ran through the Fiskars paper crimper before I punched out the ovals The stem and leaves are just free cut. I did a triple mat for photos to go on. A ribbon and a piece of patterned paper complete the items used. And the great thing, all made with scraps!

Have a great night and thanks for hanging in there! xx

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  1. I really love the simplicity of this layout, its nice to see something that looks fantastic but would be quick and simple to make. I might even try making a layout...I know don't faint lol hugs Kim xx