Saturday, November 30, 2013

The Ultimate Storage Tower

I love this tower! When I first saw it on Gina's site, I immediately fell in love with it. The unit fits perfectly on the corner of my craft table and is mounted on a lazy-susan! (Yes, there are times I sit at my desk and turn it just because I can!)

This is the ink storage unit. As you can see, I have had no problem filling it up. It holds 36 ink pads in total - 24 slots hold the Tim Holtz Distress Inks perfectly and 12 slots that hold the larger ink pads.

There is the 18 drawer unit. I did not put in the top eight drawers. I used this area instead as a place to hold my glitter glues. The drawers are made from extremely thick chipboard. I primed and painted the entire box before I papered the fronts of them. The really nice thing with these drawers, is that Gina gives you an option. I left them with the finger pull facing forward. On the opposite side, Gina has drilled a small hole for you to attach a drawer pull. I love the versatility she designed in this!

 This is one of shelf units. It contains two roomy shelves. This is a great place to keep bottles of glue, paint or whatever else might be in your stash!
 This is the last of the units. It is a three-shelf unit. The shelves are deep enough to hold the stampin'-up inks. To the sides of both of these shelf units is a strip of cork board and a strip of magnet. You adhere them yourself so if you wanted to have both cork boards on the same side, you could certainly do that.

 This is a view of the top. In the center, there is a hole which is great to store your longer rulers in. As you can see, I have also used the top for extra storage. Another great feature of this unit, they are stackable! I can get another unit and place in on the top of this one. Or if my crafting storage needs change, I can take this apart and have four separate units. 

Gina has a lot of other great original pieces on her site (Gina's Designs). Go check her out! You won't be sorry.

Friday, November 29, 2013

Time Flies

Dang! It's already the end of November? I have to apologize to all of you. I have been a bad blogger, a really bad one. I knew that this semester was going to be tough but I didn't realize how time consuming it was going to be. Then out of the blue, my father past away on September 12. OMG!  Anyone who has lost a parent knows how the wind gets sucked out of you. It's been tough - some days a lot more than others. Thankfully I have some wonderful friends that I have been able to lean on and have met even more in the last several weeks. I finally actually have some energy and motivation and inspiration to craft again! Now it is a matter of getting the blog updated and keeping it updated!

As I was going through my camera, I discovered a bunch of pictures of things I made but never posted. I will be sharing some of these over the next several weeks. 

This was a simple 8x8 layout. I punched out 5 oval per pumpkin. I distressed each oval before putting them together. One of the pumpkins had the paper ran through the Fiskars paper crimper before I punched out the ovals The stem and leaves are just free cut. I did a triple mat for photos to go on. A ribbon and a piece of patterned paper complete the items used. And the great thing, all made with scraps!

Have a great night and thanks for hanging in there! xx