Saturday, November 30, 2013

The Ultimate Storage Tower

I love this tower! When I first saw it on Gina's site, I immediately fell in love with it. The unit fits perfectly on the corner of my craft table and is mounted on a lazy-susan! (Yes, there are times I sit at my desk and turn it just because I can!)

This is the ink storage unit. As you can see, I have had no problem filling it up. It holds 36 ink pads in total - 24 slots hold the Tim Holtz Distress Inks perfectly and 12 slots that hold the larger ink pads.

There is the 18 drawer unit. I did not put in the top eight drawers. I used this area instead as a place to hold my glitter glues. The drawers are made from extremely thick chipboard. I primed and painted the entire box before I papered the fronts of them. The really nice thing with these drawers, is that Gina gives you an option. I left them with the finger pull facing forward. On the opposite side, Gina has drilled a small hole for you to attach a drawer pull. I love the versatility she designed in this!

 This is one of shelf units. It contains two roomy shelves. This is a great place to keep bottles of glue, paint or whatever else might be in your stash!
 This is the last of the units. It is a three-shelf unit. The shelves are deep enough to hold the stampin'-up inks. To the sides of both of these shelf units is a strip of cork board and a strip of magnet. You adhere them yourself so if you wanted to have both cork boards on the same side, you could certainly do that.

 This is a view of the top. In the center, there is a hole which is great to store your longer rulers in. As you can see, I have also used the top for extra storage. Another great feature of this unit, they are stackable! I can get another unit and place in on the top of this one. Or if my crafting storage needs change, I can take this apart and have four separate units. 

Gina has a lot of other great original pieces on her site (Gina's Designs). Go check her out! You won't be sorry.

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