Sunday, August 12, 2012

Using What You Have - #1

Good morning everyone. So I have been really inspired by Gina's (Scappinology on YouTube) series on Money saving tips and ideas for 2012. I took a new job at the end of June which resulted in taking a pretty big pay cut-but set hours; weekends off- so it was worth it. But of course that means I needed to watch my spending a lot closer! Anyways....

Her first tip - USE WHAT YOU HAVE - gee now there is a fabulous idea! I have a craft room bulging with stuff that I need to use. So I am going to challenge myself and see how much $$ I can save by using what I have.

 I have wanted the notebook edge punch ever since we did this cute card at my friend Chris' stamp camp. So I have been looking for months and months.  Every time I was in Mikes or Joanns they were out of stock or couldn't find them. Right now Joanns has it on sale for $10.99 on-line but then there is shipping ($5.95) or spend $40 and get free shipping. Then I could wait until they have free shipping with any purchase but I want it NOW!! LOL

Then it dawned on me! Hello - my bind it all!!!! So I grabbed my heavy pink machine and a piece of paper. Punched the holes...

And a few snips with a scissors.... I have my notebook edge!!!!! I'm so excited!!! So I'm going to call this a savings of $17 (even though I know I would have spent way more shopping on-line)

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