Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Time to be Creative

How did I get all of this stuff??? (Sigh) Bins of fabric-some of which was purchased when my niece was maybe 5 or 6 - she is a freshmen in COLLEGE now. Stacks of paper, stamps, ribbons oh my! When I moved into my current location, it had a very small "bedroom" that I set up my crafting area in. After a year of tripping over things I moved my craft room into a bigger bedroom. I need to contain it in here or else my bedroom is next to fall! LOL. I figured this blog can be another form of my hoarding issues...document what I have created!


  1. It is because I secretly leave my stash at your house every time we have craft days... :)

  2. This is an old post but I had to respond because it feels like I'm reading about myself. LOL! :)

    1. LOL! Two years have passed and my stash is still a huge stash! I so need to MAKE THE TIME in 2013.